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What's on this website?

This website outlines the general nature of work programmes conducted by Delta K and identifies the associated services and facilities we provide.  The site also presents a broad review of explosives, their characteristics and an indication of how they are used to achieve controlled and directed effects. The flexibility and modularity of the DeltaLancer projectile system and DeltaLauncher gas launcher is also presented together with details of Avalanche Control, Structure and Barrier Attack, Civil Defence and Fire Suppression applications.  This website focuses on the work we do to harness and direct energetic material effects in support of commercial, civil defence, and peace support applications.

The photograph to the left shows the results of a shaped charge firing against an experimental buried surrogate mine target.  The jet has passed through the soil overburden and mine body and burst it open, without detonating the HE content.  In the Go4 mine neutralisation system, the shaped charge component is combined with a Follow Through Incendiary Projectile designed, after a short delay, to ignite and burn out the explosive content of the mine.  In this case the jet from the shaped charge has been designed not to detonate the explosive content.